'Orange Is the New Black' Season 4 Spoilers: Why Shocking Episode 12 Death Feels 'Personal' [VIDEO]


Orange Is the New Black fans are still reeling from the shocking death in the penultimate episode of season 4, as are some of the cast members themselves.

***MAJOR Spoilers for season 4 of Orange Is the New Black ahead***

The 12th episode of Orange Is the New Black season 4 ended in dramatic and upsetting fashion, with a peaceful protest in the Litchfield cafeteria ending in tragedy. Amid the chaos of the various prison guards trying to break up the protest, Poussey (Samira Wiley) was accidentally killed by Bayley (Alan Aisenberg), leaving her fellow prisoners in mourning.

Fans are still not quite over the death, and neither are the show's cast members. Wiley speaks about Poussey's ending in a new video released by Netflix.

"I'm the person that gives life to this character but, you know, let's say I'm pulling myself away from it... I think it's going to be devastating," Wiley says. "Because people are so invested in this show, and some of these things will happen to characters that they have, over the past four years, gotten to know and love, it makes it so personal."

Wiley also admitted that when she thinks about what kind of friend she wants to be in her real life, she looks to Poussey as an example. Through the first four seasons of Orange Is the New Black fans saw Poussey's loyalty, kindness and capacity for deep, true love, and Wiley said that she's "so, so happy" to be able to give life to such a character.

Danielle Brooks, who plays Poussey's best friend Taystee on the series, talks in the video about filming that climactic scene in episode 12.

"That was a very difficult scene to shoot and I remember afterwards just hugging her and it was just a moment of really being grateful for life, being grateful for friendship and I'm glad I got to do that with her," Brooks says.

The first four seasons of Orange Is the New Black are available to stream on Netflix now.

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