'Once Upon a Time' Season 6 News: Why Land Of Untold Stories Helps Show 'Move Forward' [VIDEO]

So why exactly have the stories from the Land of Untold Stories on ABC's Once Upon a Time not been told yet?

Season 6 of Once Upon a Time will delve into the Land of Untold Stories, a place filled with refugees seeking sanctuary where time is stopped, as teased in the season 5 two-part finale. While there is still some mystery surrounding this land, one of the show's co-creators is delving into exactly why the stories are untold thus far.

"What's funny is in the pilot if you watch when Emma [Jennifer Morrison] sees the wolf that stops her from leaving town, the book flips open and we see all these worlds," Once co-creator Edward Kitsis said in a new Entertainment Weekly report. "It's time to tell new stories, broaden the show and move forward."

Kitsis cryptically spoke about something Hyde (Sam Witwer) said in the finale pertaining to these untold stories:

"As he said, I need a place where these stories can play out, which would make me think for some reason they weren't being played out, they were pushed on pause," Kitsis teased.

The new storyline also offers the opportunity for the show to delve deeper into our heroes, especially Regina (Lana Parrilla) and her villainous (and now separate) alter ego, the Evil Queen.

"The intent is that these new characters and new stories are really a reflection on what's going on inside of our characters," Once co-creator Adam Horowitz said, of the new season storyline. "With Lana and the Evil Queen, that's the starkest example, which we've already teased. We're literally going inside her and pulling her apart. There are elements of that that we're planning to do for each and everyone of the characters."

Once Upon a Time season 6 premieres Sunday, Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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