Mel B is known as one of the judges on America's Got Talent but everyone who grew up in the 90's formally remembers her as Scary Spice, one-fifth of the popular girl group The Spice Girls. While her days of "Wannabe" and "Spice Up Your Life" are decades ago, Mel is still keeping up with her girl power.

Mel B recently opened up during an AGT roundtable and shared what it's like working with Simon Cowell. She also dished to Enstarz on some of the most memorable contestants thus far and the possibility of a Spice Girls reunion!

Enstarz: Can we expect something big from Laura after you hit the golden buzzer for her on America's Got Talent?
Mel B: I think it's literally anybody's game. And who knows what's going to happen when we go to the live show. But from where I was standing, she was just such a beautiful little girl that had no idea how good she was and as soon as she started singing, she just captured everybody's attention. And what I love about her is from her pre-interview, you have no idea that she had such a powerful, confident stage presence until she actually went into her audition. It was like she had been singing forever. She was amazing.

There was some social media talk, since she won Romania's Got Talent, there were some concerns about a young girl with a powerful voice. As a singer, yourself, what do you think about that?
I think if you're talented, you're talented. I don't think there's anything that can hold you back, if it's something you want to do that you feel passionate about, it doesn't matter what age you are. If you want to fulfill your dream and you're talented, you build what it takes and it takes a lot of hard work--you can't just rely on talent. If you have that in you, then you're gonna go to heaven on earth with what you have and it's only gonna get stronger and stronger.

What's it like working with Simon Cowell on AGT versus on X Factor?
I've known him for years and it's like working with my best friend. So he has a great guiding point in opinions, he has a great guiding point in talent.

There was some talk about how being a dad has changed his perspective on some of these performers. Does being a mom change your perspective on how you see them?
Well, it definitely helps because you know how to handle kids. I have three daughters from four to 17 so I know how frightening it is for kids to get up there. But you just want to be constructive in your opinions and thoughtfully with the kids. Whether they get through our not, it's part of the learning experience that they leave with something positive.

What are the differences between Howard Stern and Simon?
They're two completely different people, like me and Heidi [Klum] are different people. I think one thing I can say about both Howard and Simon is they have great integrity, they really care about the acts, they care about the show, and they want to get the best out of people and create these special moments, so they have great work ethics.

What's next in the Spice Girls universe?
We haven't pinpointed that down, but we're definitely in talks in moving forward in making something happen to celebrate. So as soon as that's completely safe in the door and we have something to announce, then there's a little less of a waiting period for now. But we're definitely in talk and we definitely want to make something happen to be able to celebrate our fans whom have been with us for many years to celebrate the whole girl-power generation.

Do you feel like the acts continue to be surprising? Just when you've seen it all, something new happens?
I think that's the kick in every season. It's the 11th year and it's still going strong. The show keeps on giving and you don't know what you're going to expect. Once you tune in, you're going to be entertained and you're not gonna want it to stop.

What did you think of Adele's rendition of "Spice Up Your Life?"
I love Adele. Who isn't a fan of Adele? And to know that she's a fan of the Spice Girls is definitely one for the books and I'm very flattered, I think all of us are. It kind of leaves me speechless a little bit.