Fans might know JoJo Siwa as that adorable dancer and protégée of Abby Lee Miller on Lifetime reality series Dance Moms. Life on the camera as a pre-teen dancer doesn't come easily since the series has a habit of showing just how dangerous grown-ups can be when it comes to putting their kids in competitions.

Enstarz caught up with Siwa at her birthday party in Hollywood where she revealed what we can expect in new episodes, her biggest challenge of being on reality TV and where she sees herself in the future.

Enstarz: What are you looking forward to, now that you're a teenager?
JoJo Siwa: I'm really excited that I get to run my Instagram now.

You've accomplished so much for your age. What's it like being so young and achieving so much?
It's so crazy to think I've done so many things and I'm only 13 now--it's amazing.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
I'll become an official adult in five years from now, which is really cool. I just want to be like a pop star.

What is the biggest challenge of being on Dance Moms?
What's really hard about it is we have to learn our dances in under two days. It's so crazy.

What advice do you have for other aspiring dancers?
Just be yourself and don't listen to the haters. The haters are gonna hate, but you just can't listen to them.

What is the biggest thing you think we can expect from the new season of Dance Moms?
We've done a lot of different dances this year. We've done dances that are jazz and fun and are super exciting for me!