'Big Brother 18' Live Feeds Update: Paulie's Campaigning Falls Flat & More Monday Highlights [VIDEO]

This week's Veto ceremony in the Big Brother 18 house is over and the nominations have been finalized!

Head of Household: Victor Arroyo

Nominations: Corey Brooks and Paulie Calafiore

Other houseguests: James Huling, Michelle Meyer, Natalie Negrotti, Nicole Franzel and Paul Abrahamian

Either Corey or Paulie will be evicted from the Big Brother house on Thursday, as Victor chose not to use the Power of Veto on either of them Monday. James, Michelle, Natalie and Paul have all agreed that Paulie needs to go, and Nicole won't vote out her showmance Corey, so Paulie should be evicted 5-0 on Thursday.

Much of Monday featured Paulie going through pretty much every emotion in the book, as he now knows that he's going home. He mentioned that he doesn't even want to stay in the jury house, saying he gets claustrophobic. Ironically, the jury house is actually bigger than the Big Brother house and there would be significantly less people, so it's not clear what he's talking about.

Meanwhile, Paul brought up the idea of giving Paulie some false hope of staying and therefore making Corey and Nicole think Corey might be going. This would put both Corey and Nicole on edge throughout the week and make them less likely to compete well in the next HOH competition, according to Paul's logic. The rest of Paul's alliance agreed to his plan, though Paul has done most of the work so far.

Kicking off his plan within an hour of coming up with it, Paul spoke with Paulie about not giving up hope just yet. Paulie was initially hesitant about Paul's insisting that he not give up but it seemed like he came around by the end of Monday. Paulie started campaigning to James and Natalie, asking if they could use him for something further down the road in exchange for their votes to keep him. Both James and Natalie were not comfortable with this and tried to change the subject multiple times.

Paulie accepted his fate again by the end of the night, telling Corey and Nicole he knows he's being evicted unanimously. The trio agreed that Paul should be the target if either Corey or Nicole wins HOH because of his scheming and lying.

In other news, Monday featured a special backyard concert from Ziggy Marley in addition to some sort of carnival games. This was all blacked out from the feeds, but when the feeds turned back on there was some talk about an advantage in the next HOH competition. It remains to be seen what ramifications this might have on the game.

Big Brother 18 airs another new episode Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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