'The Flash' Season 3: Will Ronnie Raymond Return In 'Flashpoint'? Robbie Amell Reveals Answer [VIDEO]


Poor Ronnie Raymond. It's been a tough few years for The Flash character, what with his alleged death, his emergence as Firestorm, his actual death, and his Earth-2 demise. In another sad turn of events, it doesn't look as if Flashpoint will bring Robbie Amell's character back to life.

With one trip through the Speed Force, Barry (Grant Gustin) used the season 2 finale to rewrite history...if only for a limited time. When season 3 begins, writers will have a chance to resurrect The Flash's long lost friends and foes. While Ronnie certainly falls into that category, Amell informed Boston Comic Con attendees that his character will not feature in the season's first few episodes.

"I would love to go back. I always love going back. They're like family," Amell said. "I will go back when ever they will have me, but so far I have not shot anything in Vancouver this season."

The Flash is already filming for episode 4, and, as per recent comments from Gustin and CW president Mark Pedowitz, Flashpoint won't last particularly long. Given the nature of the storyline and the effort put into creating Barry's original reality, an abbreviated trip into the altered timeline is a smart call.

"There's ramifications through the whole season, but it won't necessarily last as long as some people are expecting it to 'last,' I guess," Gustin told IGN. "But there are permanent effects on the rest of the show."

Pedowitz elaborated on the actor's statements, telling reporters that "the Flashpoint exercise is only for a couple of episodes."

Although Amell and Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin) both sent emailed writers on Ronnie's behalf, Flash fans will have to wait for another opportunity to see Ronnie and Caitlin/Deathstroke and Killer Frost team up once more.

"I don't even need any powers! Just bring me back, I'll hang out for a few episodes. I'll be Ronnie. Let me play Ronnie," Amell told an excited BCC audience. "You can stop clapping; I'm not in the first few episodes."

Find out who will return when The Flash season 3 premiere airs Oct. 4 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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