News of a domestic dispute between singer Tamar Braxton and her husband Vincent Herbert has surfaced Tuesday morning.

Word is the alleged shocking incident occurred over the weekend at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta. An employee of the hotel told blogger B. Scott the details anonymously Monday.

“Tamar Called the police on Vince last night at the Ritz Carlton Buckhead Atlanta, where I work,” they said in an email. “Officer Sanders of APD came out to investigate.”

They went on to say that this is not the first time the couple has had this time of incident.

“…But this time there’s evidence. Anyone who works with the Braxtons knows, that Tamar & Vince literally first [sic] fight. Then they do a video to dispel rumors, but the real tension is because Tamar has a new manager, who is Steve Harvey’s manager.”

The source went on to say that Herbert is “feeling some type of way” because Braxton hired a new manager after Epic Records removed her as an artist and she was fired from ‘The Real.’

The insider continued and added more details of the episode and revealed, “During the altercation, Vince actually bit Tamar on her hand so badly that he drew blood, and she ended up calling the police. Witnesses say that Tamar’s finger was in extremely bad shape as she left the premises, and she very likely needed stitches to close up her wound. However, Tamar refused EMS services when they were offered.”

Herbert was not taken into custody because he left the hotel before police got there.

“Even more shocking,” the source added, “we hear this isn’t the first time that these two have gotten physical. Sources say the couple routinely fist-fights and get into intense, physically violent altercations – something which everyone who works closely with the couple knows.”