'Supernatural' Season 12: Rick Springfield Won't Be Lucifer's Only Vessel, Actor Previews Season 12 [VIDEO]

How do you swindle a man into playing host to the Devil? Well, on Supernatural, it helps to choose a man (or angel) who feels they have nothing left to lose.

Rick Springfield will take on the role of Lucifer's new vessel in season 12, and the Prince of Darkness will play to the rocker's sorrows in order to elicit the big "Yes."

Like Luci's season 4 vessel, Springfield's character will fall under the Devil's sway due to personal tragedy, which puts him "a little bit on the down side." The real-life rocker and Rikki and the Flash star dished on his new role while speaking with Billboard.

"I play this rock guy who gets possessed by Lucifer because Lucifer has just escaped from wherever they put him last season," Springfield teased. "He's always looking for a human host to do this bad stuff to the world, and I happen to be that human host. It's really fun, well-written. And the effects are insane; the other day I spent two hours in the makeup chair getting ready for this one scene. It's really incredible stuff."

Springfield won't be Lucifer's only vessel, however. By the time the fallen angel settles on the musician's meat suit, Lucifer will have left a trail of wasted bodies in his wake. Not everyone is built to contain archangel, after all.

"We'll see Lucifer, or at least we'll understand what he's doing, he's hoping from body to body to body in episode 1," co-showrunner Andrew Dabb told EnStars. "We'll know that Crowley's on that trail and that quest of where's Lucifer, where is he ultimately going to land, will kind of wrap up within the first three episodes. So we'll introduce him pretty much right out of the gate."

Catch Supernatural's season 12 premiere Oct. 13 on The CW.

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