'Pokemon GO' Buddy System: Everything We Know So Far About Game's Upcoming Feature [VIDEO]


Pokémon GO is set to receive a very significant update soon, with the rumored Buddy System seemingly confirmed by fans who managed to data mine the game. If the current codes for the Pokémon GO Buddy System are any indication, it would seem like the most tedious aspects of the augmented reality game would soon be its most rewarding.

Here is everything known so far about the upcoming Pokémon GO Buddy System Patch.

It Will Help Players Get Specific Candies

If there's one thing that the Pokémon GO Buddy System will definitely accomplish, it would be the removal of the sheer amount of randomness in the game. Currently, the game is just one big jumble of mechanics and rewards, with most important items being earned completely by chance. One of the biggest examples of this would be Pokémon GO Candies.

In the game's current iteration, Candies can only be earned by grinding your current Pokémon and using the Candies earned to level up a specific monster. With the Buddy System, however, players can have much more control about which Pokémon they would like to evolve, much like Ash from the animated series.

The Buddy System Will Look Awesome in the Game

Another pretty nifty thing about the Buddy System is the way it would be portrayed in the game. According to codes that were mined from the current version of Pokémon GO, players' Buddy Pokemon would appear on the map as either walking alongside the player's avatar, sitting on the avatar's shoulder, or flying close to the player.

This gives players the impression that they are actually training their Pokemon. Apart from the fact that it looks pretty cool on the Pokémon GO map, the Buddy System would also make the game far more immersive than before.

Number of Candies Earned are Limited

From what could be seen in the leaks so far, the Buddy System would be implementing a limit to the number of Pokémon Candy the player can gain from the Buddy System. Despite this, however, the number of times a player can walk with their Pokémon Buddy is unlimited.

Pokémon GO Buddy System Release Date

Though Niantic has not revealed the official date for the Pokémon GO Buddy System, speculations are high that the feature might launch as early as next week, considering the frequency of Pokémon GO updates that the developer has been keeping so far.

Thus, there's a pretty good chance that Pokémon GO players might be able to explore the Buddy System very, very soon. 

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