Empire star Terrence Howard’s management company says it is the one to thank for Howard’s key role on the show; and now he wants some of his cut from the Fox actor.

Authentic Talent and Literary Mangement said they are out $250K in what they believe Howard owes them after he agreed to pay 10 percent of his earnings from the show. The management reportedly helped Howard get “counseling, management and career guidance,” which it said helped Howard star in the show, Bossip reported Friday.

Apparently the agreement was a verbal one and the company said it has been six months and Howard has not paid up.

“By way of illustration, plaintiff intervened with the Los Angeles-based executives of Imagine (which managed Empire) by convincing those executives not to terminate Howard from the show,” court documents obtained by the site read.

While the contract was said to be verbal, the company does insist it has emails from Howard that could prove their case. Now, it is looking for money owed plus interest and lawyer fees.

The document also reads, “This action arises from Defendant Terrence Howard’s breach of contract and wrongful refusal to pay Plaintiff (a leading talent management company) substantial subs of money he owes Plaintiff in connection with his compensation from the Fox television show EMPIRE. Although these sums continue to accrue with each episode of the show, as of the date of this filing, Howard owes Plantiff several hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

See the document here.