Attack On Titan fans are eagerly awaiting for season 2 of the anime. Unfortunately, little has been released about the second installment of the series. However, plenty of rumors have been spreading about the anime. One of the most recent rumors to come forward is that the anime will deviate from the manga's storyline.

These rumors are based on the notion that the manga must be at least four arcs ahead in the story before a new anime is produced. At it is, however, the manga is only 2 arcs ahead since the conclusion of Attack on Titan season one.

Thus, many are believing that Attack on Titan season two might actually diverge in one way or another from its manga counterpart in order to compensate for the missing arcs that were supposed to be covered by the anime's second season.

Then again, the upcoming Attack on Titan season two would feature some of the most plot-laden chapters of the manga, and considering the anime's faithfulness to the source material so far, it would not be surprising at all if the anime would simply dig deeper into the story to warrant AoT season 2's complete run.

Numerous events are set to happen in the second season, including the Clash of Titans arc, which is arguably one of the most action-packed arcs in the manga so far. In this particular arc, casualties become very high and battles get really bloody, ultimately culminating in a deathmatch between Eren's Rogue Titan and the Armored Titan.

Apart from the Clash of Titans arc, the second season would also deal with The Uprising arc, which would most likely be scheduled for episodes in the middle of the second season's run. While the Uprising arc might be quite challenging for fans due to its lack of action and extremely thick plot developments, its ending is nonetheless enjoyable, as a titan larger than the Colossal Titan emerges and attacks.

Recent rumors that have emerged lately have dropped the name of Zeke, who is another titan shifter, as well as the Beast Titan, who has the appearance of an ape. While most rumors would suggest that the two characters are different, they are one and the same.

Zeke is simply the shifter's human name, and his titan form is the Beast Titan. Just like Eren and the Armored Titan, however, the Beast Titan is able to think and strategize like a human even in his titan form, making him extremely dangerous.