Attack on Titan Season 2 finally has a definitive release date, and fans of the extremely popular franchise are extremely excited. After all, with the arcs to be covered in the anime's upcoming season, Attack on Titan Season 2 would definitely be one for the history books, with several key battles and a number of notable sacrifices.

However, there is one thing that might definitely test the patience of the franchise's fans, and it's not even the rather boring set of events that are set to be explored in the Uprising arc. Rather, it has something to do with the main character of the anime itself, Eren Jaeger.

During the first season, Eren tested the patience of the anime's fans by being such a liability to his team. His recklessness got people in trouble, and his miscalculation on his skills ultimately caused a good number of people to die.

Indeed, his bull-headedness, as well as his mental and psychological imbalance, is one thing that has caused his team and his friends to rescue him from tough situations. For a main character, such development was not very well received.

Well, in Attack on Titan Season 2, there will be more of the exact same thing.

Over the course of the Clash of Titans and Uprising arcs, Eren would find himself in a very similar situation as those he found himself in during Season 1. That is, tied up and captured while he seethes in rage.

While the events that immediately transpire after Eren's moments of weakness enable the other characters of the franchise to shine, Eren's follies, as well as his tendency to just be so weak at the most inopportune of times, would undoubtedly cause a good number of Attack on Titan fans to get annoyed. After all, Eren is the main character, and the upcoming anime is already the second season, which means that fans would be expecting some notable character development.

While Eren does grow during the final chapters of the Uprising arc, his actions prior to those events are still quite the same as what got him in trouble during Season 1. Nevertheless, even with Eren's flaws in characterization, Attack on Titan Season 2 would have countless memorable moments.

In fact, if the manga is any indication, Season 2 might very well feature the end of the Attack on Titan story.