Fans of Attack on Titan have exhibited an enormous amount of patience with the anime so far, as delay after delay caused the highly-anticipated follow-up to the runaway hit series to be released at a far later date than expected. Now, with an official release date already set for early next year, fans would finally get their due, as the story of humans fighting against the titular titans once more take center stage.

Considering the fact that the anime would be following the events of the manga closely, however, it is likely that fans of the franchise would need to extend even more patience to the upcoming season. This is because the second season of the anime will include the rather dreaded Uprising arc.

Attack on Titan is at its best when it is depicting life-and-death battles between the grossly underpowered humans and the mysterious and seemingly invincible titans. However, the Uprising arc which happens right after the extremely satisfying Clash of Titans arc, is the complete opposite.

The Uprising arc features the main characters of Attack on Titan attempting to topple the government within Wall Sina, the innermost Wall where the royalty resides. Though this particular arc is still very important in the overall plot of the Attack on Titan mythos, it does nonetheless require a lot of patience from the fans, as exposition after exposition gets explored in volumes before something notable actually does happen.

Indeed, during its run in the manga, a significant number of Attack on Titan fans felt that the Uprising arc was definitely underwhelming, especially when compared to the Clash of Titans arc before it, or the Return to Shiganshina arc, which comes right after. The Uprising arc does feature a number of very important, plot-building events, but the payoff comes very, very late.

With Attack on Titan Season 2 most probably running for about 24 to 26 episodes, fans should expect to go through about a month or two's worth of episodes that are filled with a ton of exposition. Despite this, however, the Uprising arc does have a pretty satisfying end, as the heroes of the anime attempt to topple a monster that is far larger than the Colossal Titan.