'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 News & Spoilers: Production Starts On Next Installment [VIDEO]

Production on season 3 of 'Tokyo Ghoul' has finally started. With enough material from the manga, the anime is expected to follow the original storyline closely.

These are the latest information that has come out of the anime rumor mill. Unlike other speculations that are rather outlandish, however, the prospect of Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 commencing production is extremely plausible.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Manga

One of the most prominent requests from the fans of the popular series is for the anime's third season to go full circle and stick close to the manga once more. With the second season essentially ending at the point where the Tokyo Ghoul:re manga begins, speculations are high that the events of the manga will dictate the plot of the anime's third season.

With this in mind, the Studio Pierrot, the firm responsible for the production of the anime, has more than enough material. Since Tokyo Ghoul:re started its run in the manga, the plot of the story has moved significantly forward. Considering the fact that the last two season of the Tokyo Ghoul anime only ran for 12 episodes each, the third season has more than enough material for a full run.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Production Already Starting?

The third season of Tokyo Ghoul is arguably one of the most-requested anime titles of recent years. Despite the narrative train wreck that was Tokyo Ghoul Root A, fans of the series nonetheless stuck with the franchise. With enough manga material to cover, it is highly plausible for Studio Pierrot to start with Tokyo Ghoul Season 3's production now.

If Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 does end up being granted yet another 12-episode run, the possibility of the anime getting released sometime next year is very notable. After all, while the Tokyo Ghoul franchise has been in a slumber of years, the upcoming release of the manga's live-action movie is sure to rekindle the interest of fans across the globe.

With Tokyo Ghoul being placed in the spotlight thanks to the release of the live-action movie, there would be no better way to ensure that the interest of fans is sated than to release a follow-up anime after the live-action movie's release. 

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