'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 Spoilers: Keneki Gets New Power After Beating One-Eyed King Arima [VIDEO]

Fans are eagerly awaiting Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 after two great seasons. So far, Studio Pierrot, has kept mum about the third installment of the anime series. However, few fans believe that it will follow the manga's storyline. As such, it has been speculated that Keneki will get a new power in Tokyo Ghoul Season 3.

Kaneki To Become the One-Eyed King

While this might sound a bit too outlandish for viewers who just came from Tokyo Ghoul Root A, Kaneki's rise towards becoming the king of ghouls has just happened in the Tokyo Ghoul:re manga. This specifically happened after his fateful rematch with the near-invincible ghoul investigator, Kishou Arima.

During the end of Tokyo Ghoul Root A, Kaneki faces Arima in a match that the half-ghoul is destined to lose. By the end of the fight, Kaneki becomes a broken mess, mentally unstable and completely devoid of any identity.

Kaneki's Rise to Power

Eventually, however, Kaneki, who by then started going by the name Haise Sasaki, started rediscovering his identity. Ironically, the man who was responsible for his mental recovery was none other than Arima himself, the man who broke him at the end of Tokyo Ghoul Root A. As much as their bond grew over time, however, their rematch has always been something unavoidable.

When the two did clash, it was arguably the most epic battle in the entire Tokyo Ghoul franchise, as Kaneki battled Arima in a fight to the death. With neither hesitating and with each of their blows delivered with the intent to kill, the battle ultimately ended when Arima conceded by slashing at his throat.

Arima's Identity as the One-Eyed King

Despite his suicide, Arima, for all intents and purposes, died under Kaneki's hand. With this, the title of One-Eyed King, which turned out to be Arima, became vacant. Being the man who defeated the legendary investigator, Kaneki takes the title for himself.

With his newfound title, Kaneki has become a lot more formidable in the world of ghouls. After all, the name of the One-Eyed King alone is enough to strike fear into the hearts of ghouls. Couple that with Kaneki's ever-growing power and it would not be surprising at all if he becomes the most powerful ghoul in the franchise yet. 

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