'American Horror Story' Season 6 Cast: Like 'Twilight Zone' On 'An Entire Other Level'? [VIDEO]

American Horror Story star Cuba Gooding Jr. has revealed something very cryptic yet intriguing about season 6's concept.

We now know the concept of season 6 to be "Roanoke", based on the famed lost colony. This was kept secret until the season premiere that aired last Wednesday, proving that things are a little different this time around. There's still some mystery about just where this season is going, and Gooding Jr., who plays Matt in the season, is adding more fuel to the fire.

The actor spoke with Vanity Fair at Saturday night's Emmy nominee party, speaking on how, "the first season to me, if you watch those 13 episodes-it's like what 'The Twilight Zone' did with one episode." He noted that each season so far has been like its own unique Twilight Zone episode.

"This season, remember I said that," Gooding Jr. teased, cryptically. "When you see this season, you'll realize how to interpret that 'Twilight Zone' idea to an entire other level. When your head goes 'boom' and you've got brains all over the wall, you're going to be like, 'Motherf---ing Cuba Gooding Jr.' I wish I could tell you when it happens, but I can't."

This certainly fits with what AHS executive producer Ryan Murphy said about season 6.

"It will be familiar and shocking," Murphy told Gold Derby this month. "We're playing with a different form, so it's not like any 'Horror' season you've ever seen. It's very, very radically different - the narrative structure of what we're doing."

American Horror Story: Roanoke airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

Watch the promo for episode 2 of American Horror Story: Roanoke here:

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