‘The Flash’ Movie Update: Which DC Superhero Joins The Film? Director Rick Famuyiwa Gives a Sly Sneak Preview

"The Flash" director, Rick Famuyiwa, got clever and posted a teaser for the upcoming DC superhero film. Which "Justice League" member will join the speedster?

Famuyiwa posted a clever picture on his Twitter account to tease "The Flash" movie fans regarding the development in production. As of press time, the said post has garnered 2,000 favorites and more than 1,000 retweets.

The director's picture shows a script of the movie, Flash's Funko figure's lower half of the body and Funko Cyborg figure's feet. This teaser has led fans to believe that Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher, will make an appearance in the upcoming movie or will officially be a part of the cast.

A month ago, reports have surfaced that the half machine, half human superhero will be in "The Flash" movie but Famuyiwa also took to the social media site his reaction to the rumor with #SaysWho? At that time, DC aficionados interpreted the 43-year-old director's reply as either a discredit to the Cyborg gossip or a mind game.

However the Twitter post is taken by people as an assurance that The Flash will be joined by Cyborg. "It makes sense that Warner Bros. and DC would want to give Fisher's part-human, part-machine superhero ample screen time ahead of his own solo adventure in 2020," said MTV.

Meanwhile, the movie script reiterates just how much influence Famuyiwa has on the creating of the story. It is clear that the writer-director has a hand in penning the WB film.

If Cyborg's involvement is confirmed, Fisher will not just be joining Ezra Miller, "The Flash", but also actors Billy Crudup and Kiersey Clemons.

Recently, the production announced that Crudup will play Barry Allen's father, Henry Allen. This casting was received well by the fans. On the other hand, the casting of Clemons as Iris West, Barry's love interest, received mixed reviews.

"The Flash" movie is set to be released in cinemas in March of 2018. 

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