Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson to join the split band wagon?

It seems that there's a threat for powerhouse couples that started from the recent Brangelina split. It may have been true as for now Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson may be "facing the final curtain" of their 28-year marriage. The sad part, last month's brawl had resulted from Rita to run away and it has been a long time to simmer.

Hoping for at least a bit sign of reconciliation because 28 years is not a mere joke and their son Chet will take the entire blow. Rita's demeanor from being irritated and miserable cannot hide the fact until the recent August walks out. Chet surely wouldn't like this to happen as he is seemingly being treated for substance abuse based on recent reports from The Hollywood Gossip, and this will definitely break him apart.

It has been about hardworking Tom and his inability to confide with Rita. Seemingly, he cannot cover up his sadness and he finds escape thru his work, now with his recent project "Sully". It is Rita's frustration to manage the situation and her plight on Chet's condition that she felt all alone on this. For Chet, Tom has never given a firm hold on his situation and has been kind of neglectful, thus failing to be the father figure Chet needed.

Now that all of Rita's anger and frustration has been publicly known and rumors of their marriage leading to the same fate with the Brangelina, they cannot deny the trouble as what otherwise claimed by a representative of Hank. But there are only speculations now after last year's news on National Inquirer. It has been reported by Gossip Cop that a split claim of $400 million has been brewing for Tom and Rita but it has never been proven to be true.

All these marital foes of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson must be resolved or else there will be another broken-hearted fan of the couple losing hope for true love, in show business.


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