Naruto Shippuden did not disappoint last week, when it showed the final battle between Naruto and his friend and rival, Sasuke. The special one-hour episode, which was viewed by millions of fans worldwide, was greatly lauded for its masterful animation, excellent choreography and perfect score.

One thing that was definitely appreciated by fans is the fact that the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke was not drawn out and bogged down by flashbacks and other time-wasting elements at all. Contrary to the recently-concluded battle with Princess Kaguya, which was bogged down by bad animation and a ton of fillers, The Final Battle was flawless and absent any shortcuts.

Just as predicted, however, The Final Battle was not the final episode of the long-running Naruto Shippuden saga. After the episode ended with the final clash of the two young ninjas' ultimate attacks, the preview for Episode 478 aired.

While it is not surprising to see follow-up episodes after The Final Battle, numerous fans have noted that the quality of the animation in the preview was considerably lower than that of the hour-long episode. Though only a few scenes of the following episode were shown, it was evident that the anime was going back to its budget-constrained conventions.

This has brought some disappointment to fans, who state that with the anime seemingly going back to its substandard animation, the production studio behind the series, Studio Pierrot, might end up over-extending the following episodes as well.

In fact, from the preview of Episode 478 alone, it appears that Naruto Shippuden still has a number of fillers to explore before actually ending. While employing fillers to extend the run of the anime might be appreciated by some fans, most have spoken against it, stating that The Final Battle was already perfect enough to start the beginning of the series' end.

Thus, extending the last few chapters of the manga into numerous episodes and buffing up the air time of the anime with filler material might prove counterproductive.