'Big Brother OTT' Cast: How Does Cornbread Feel About Getting Nominated & Evicted By America? [VIDEO]

The first evicted houseguest from Big Brother: Over the Top talks being bitter towards his fellow houseguest and how he feels about being nominated by America.

Cornbread Ligon, who was evicted by eight of his fellow nine houseguests Wednesday in the Big Brother: Over the Top house (in addition to one extra vote from America), is feeling a little less spiteful towards the house now that he's out of it.

"I took about a 15-second piss-off session and went on out and came full circle," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "I'm ready to get back on with my life! The resurrection of Cornbread has happened up in the hotel room and I'm ready to go home and live!"

Cornbread certainly had a memorable exit from the house, refusing to hug anyone as he left and then saying, "f--- y'all" as he went out the door. While Cornbread did admit that he wished he could have been "a little more cordial" in this moment, he didn't necessarily regret it.

"At the same time, I pretty much got the shock of my life. I'm not going to come at you with hugs and kisses when you screw me!" he said.

Some Big Brother fans assumed Cornbread would be a fan favorite type of character heading into the house, considering the popularity of other overtly Southern houseguests in the past like James Huling and Donny Thompson. Even Cornbread assumed he would be liked by America, which is why the public choosing to nominate him this week was so jarring to him.

But Cornbread justified why he thinks America chose to both nominate and evict him.

"I've come at peace with that. It's basically push-button gangsters. And I had no clue that Jason [Roy] was voted in by the people. I thought that he went through the casting process just like all of us. America voted him in and I think when I made a bold move, America called me on it. And touché, they got me!"

Big Brother: Over the Top continues onward on CBS All Access.

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