UFO activity around the world seems to be increasing, as a recent sighting in Moscow has incited intense interest from the UFO hunting community. The footage, taken from a residential area of the Russian capital, showed a mysterious glowing craft seemingly hovering over houses, before seemingly touching down on the ground.

The footage, captured through a mobile device at night, has been viewed thousands of times since the video was uploaded on YouTube. While the video polarized viewers, few could deny that the behavior of the mysterious orb was quite strange.

While many skeptics simply stated that the glowing orb of light was nothing more than a drone installed with powerful LEDs, numerous other viewers noted that the size of the UFO was far too large to be a conventional drone. Apart from its size, the object was also completely silent, hovering around the houses without the characteristic sound of drone propellers.

Other skeptics of the video further alleged that the sighting featured nothing more than a man-made craft, possibly a helicopter, that was flying in the area. Just like the speculation about the object being a drone, however, the mysterious object was hovering without any sound, completely unlike a conventional helicopter.

What was more interesting, however, is the fact that numerous viewers of the video quickly noted that similar mysterious objects have been spotted around the country numerous times. In fact, UFO aficionados suggest that similar crafts have been observed in the skies thousands of times in the past.

"You can see this UFO quite often in Moscow, I've seen it two times this year. They are even more frequent in other cities," one viewer stated.

While the frequent sightings could simply be the result of a well-equipped prankster, the frequency of the sightings, together with its strange behavior, seemed to suggest that the footage was able to capture something very otherworldly.

Watch the video of the UFO sighting below.