A Colorado resident has recently experienced a unique UFO sighting, stating that he saw a number of black helicopters seemingly in pursuit of an alien spacecraft. The incident was reported to have happened on Sept. 19.

According to the witness, who has opted to remain anonymous, he had just pulled into his driveway and was outside his vehicle when he heard the sound of aircraft above. Looking at the sky, he noticed something very peculiar.

"Living by an airport I know that no flights came in so late," the witness stated."So I stood in my driveway to see what kind of airplane it was. Suddenly I see a white orb of light going over the rooftops and over the trees. Not far behind were three black helicopters in a triangle-shaped flight pattern following the craft at very high speeds," he said.

"The craft then made a left-hand turn towards the mountains. That's when I see one of the helicopters intercept the craft, getting in front of it. That's when I lose sight of the craft over the roofs of nearby houses."

While most skeptics have alleged that the light the helicopters were seemingly chasing that night was man-made, the witness was firm in his belief that the object was nothing like anything he has seen before.

"I know that this wasn't an airplane or helicopter due to the fact that it had no blinking lights or defined shape, and made no sound at all," he said.

"When I took my cell phone out to record video the sky was too dark. Beforehand, my cell phone was around 20 percent about a minute or two before I saw the craft. But when I took it out to try and record the video I noticed my battery life was on 2 percent."

The witness immediately reported his experience to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which investigates such cases. The Colorado resident further admitted that he felt the urge to investigate further after his sighting, though he was aware that other people would probably not believe him.

"I'm a very open-minded person. I've seen three UFOs in my life, so when I first saw the craft I looked to see a defined shape or lights which I seen(sic) neither. I know it was something strange when I saw the three black helicopters following. I could easily see the shape of the helicopters because of how clear of a night it was. I felt curious and wanted to follow the craft, but I know no one would believe me. That is why I reported it to MUFON," he stated. 

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