'American Horror Story' Evan Peters: Actor Officially Making 'Roanoke' Debut In Episode 5 [VIDEO]

Evan Peters will officially appear for the first time on FX's American Horror Story: Roanoke Wednesday night.

American Horror Story boss Ryan Murphy revealed on Twitter Wednesday afternoon that Peters will be making his "debut" in tonight's episode of Roanoke:

Fans and critics alike have been speculating on who Peters might be playing this season, considering his name is in the main credits and he had yet to make an appearance through four episodes. Some guessed he might be the "Piggy Man" that's been running around the woods, and others are guessing he might be one of the documentary producers.

Of course, as Murphy tweeted, Peters will not be playing a producer.

Peters has had a huge fanbase among American Horror Story viewers since he first debuted as in the amorous yet sociopathic Tate Langdon in Murder House. The actor has had many "heartthrob" roles on the show, playing inmate Kit Walker in Asylum, frat boy Kyle Spencer in Coven, "Lobster boy" Jimmy Darling in Freak Show and hotel developer James Patrick March in Hotel.

Peters is one of only two actors to have different roles in all six seasons of American Horror Story, the other being Sarah Paulson.

Roanoke has mostly maintained an air of mystery both before and during the season's airing. The subtitle was not revealed before the season premiere and no character details were released, a change from past seasons' publicity. Roanoke has also taken a more straightforward, deliberately paced storytelling style compared to previous seasons, with characters and the overall plot being revealed gradually.

American Horror Story: Roanoke airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

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