A mysterious sighting in Lake Superior, Mich. has baffled UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike, as footage taken during a late afternoon showed a tall specter of an image rising out of the water. With everyone baffled at what the image could be, numerous theories about the mysterious ghost ship have emerged.

The otherworldly image was caught by Jason Asselin, who was sightseeing with his friend on that day. Faced with a rainbow on the horizon, the two friends decided to photograph the sky.

What they caught was something completely unexpected. Seemingly from the depths of the sea, a massive object began emerging from the water. It appeared to float in the waters for a bit, before seemingly moving away.

The video, which can be watched below, has since gone viral, with numerous netizens weighing in on what the mysterious object might be. Some fondly suggested that the image was a ghost ship, especially since Lake Superior is home to thousands of shipwrecks.

Others have suggested a more scientific explanation, stating that the image was probably a mirage, or an instance of Fata Morgana, which makes distant objects appear closer than they really are. According to skeptics, the massive image floating on the sea was nothing more than an oil rig, or a lighthouse.

Then again, lighthouses and oil rigs don't really emerge from the waters before moving away.

Apart from its movement, the size of the object was also very notable. From its distance, it appears that whatever it was that seemed to have emerged from the depths of Lake Superior was massive.

"There's no ship that big. It really just didn't belong there. I've seen ships before and it looked nothing like that. I've been there [on Lake Superior] before and never saw it," Asselin said.

With the explanation to the mysterious event still unknown, UFO hunters have suggested that the image is likely an alien ship. Prominent UFO hunter Scott Waring, for one, asserted that the conditions of Lake Michigan are perfect for aliens to use as a hiding place for their spacecraft.

"This UFO was caught on Saturday rising up out of the water. The metallic gray of the metal is easy to make out. Lake Michigan is one of the deepest, coldest lakes in the world, which has many secrets of sunken warships, freighters, planes and even a few unexploded atomic bombs," the UFO hunter said.

"So, an alien craft about 300-500 meters rising from the water - where else could aliens hide such large craft and go unnoticed?"