Donald Trump Debate Quotes: 8 Most Outlandish Things GOP Candidate Said During The Final Showdown With Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

The final Presidential debate has come and gone, and if Donald Trump's goal was to make a lasting impression on the American people as they prepare to head to the polls on Nov. 8, he succeeded-but he may have "bigly" succeeded in a way he didn't intend.

Trump said some things that were a bit outlandish during the debate, with many expressing shock when he claimed he may not accept the results of the election, but it also wasn't the only thing he said that caused some shock and awe by the American people, and several things he said even wound up trending on Twitter.

Here are the eight most outrageous things he said throughout the debate:

On Immigration:  

1. "One of my first acts will be to get all of the drug lords, we have some bad, bad people in this country that have to go out. We'll get them out, secure the border and once the border is secured at a later date, we'll make a determination as to the rest. But we have some bad hombres here, and we're going to get them out."

2. "You can come back in, and you can become a citizen, but it's very unfair. We have millions of people who did it the right way. They're on line. They're waiting. We're going to speed up the process bigly because it's very inefficient."

On Trade With Mexico:

3. "I think I should respond to that. First of all, I had a very good meeting with the President of Mexico. Very nice man. We will be doing very much better with Mexico on trade deals. Believe me. The NAFTA deal signed by her husband is one of the worst deals ever made of any kind, signed by anybody. It's a disaster."

On Improving National Debt:

4. "We use political hacks. We use people that get the position because they gave-they made a campaign contribution and they're dealing with China and people that are very much smarter than they are. So we have to use our great people."

On The Clinton Foundation & Money For Haiti:

5. "Because she takes a tremendous amount of money. And you take a look at the people of Haiti. I was at a Little Haiti the other day in Florida. And I want to tell you, they hate the Clintons, because what's happened in Haiti with the Clinton Foundation is a disgrace. And you know it, and they know it, and everybody knows it."

On Accepting The Results Of The Election:

6. "I will look at it at the time. I'm not looking at anything now. I will look at it at the time, What I've seen, what I've seen is so bad. First of all, the media is so dishonest and so corrupt. And the pile-on is so amazing. I think the voters are seeing through it. We'll find out on November 8...What I'm saying is I'll tell you at the time. I'll keep you in suspense, ok?"

On The Claims Women Have Made Against Him/Women In General:

7. "All of those stories have been largely debunked. I don't know those people. And I didn't even apologize to my wife, who is sitting right here, because I didn't do anything...No one has more respect for women than I do."

8. "[On Clinton after saying he has respect for women] She's a nasty woman."

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