When it comes to television shows, the title of the show nearly has as much pressure as the show itself when it comes to impressing people and making them watch it. That being said, "Orange is the New Black" is certainly above par.

The name itself indicates a television show about prison. Considering how orange indicates Jumpsuits in prison. So if fans have that sort of train of thought, then they couldn't be faulted any other way!

The show starts off with the main character, a girl named Piper Chapman, who is sentenced to a Year and Three months in prison. According to the Wiki of the main show itself, she was sent in prison for a crime she committed years ago where she helped transfer money to her Girlfriend who was involved in dealing with narcotics.

The law caught up with her and she was gets sent to Women's prison. This prison, a unique standpoint in Television history, is where the main story occurs. Now, the show itself circulates around the people inside the prison.

The show is characterized under the comedy genre and it does have some nice moments to it. However there is a lot more meaning to the show. Each character has a story and there are many more genres it goes through, even romance!

The show tries very hard to be as realistic to a prison as possible while incorporating the elements of the show itself which is why Bustle says that it is not a real prison but not entirely fake either.

Just like any other show it certainly has its heights and falls and from my personal experience I enjoy watching the show mainly because the cast mainly features females and that changes the palette of what one normally watches into something more interesting.