Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie's former bodyguard, Mark Billingham, father figure to their children?

As time would have it, it is time to talk a little bit more about the famous divorce of this year. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been at each other's neck for quite some time now with the various allegations and their issues. Nonetheless, when things like this happen there will always be a third party filling reporters in on some extra details like their former bodyguard to used to be a father figure to their children.

That third party is none other than the ex-bodyguard of the famous duo. The head of security known as Mark Billingham was highly involved with the family for well over a year. His main purpose was to defend the entire family and keep them safe and so obviously he would be with them most of the time.

He said that both the stars were very careful about their children. That can be true considering the fact that it shows everyone. Regardless of the couple having issues of their own they do love their children very much.

According to the Daily Mail, Mark proved that. He mentioned how they did not want any person to go near their children. He also mentioned that to them the safety of their family was more important than money.

Celeb Buzz also reported more on the words of Mark saying how "Angie and Brad" trusted him with their kids and how the chemistry was almost instant. He would mention how he spent all his time with them and was even allowed to take the kids out alone, without the supervision of his parents.

If the above fact is true regarding how the duo are highly protective of their children, being able to take the kids out on his own can be seen as quite the big deal.

He also mentioned how the kids would sometimes ask him weird questions which should have been very easy to understand. Basically he did his best to protect the image of the kids when he took them out and would never let them get into any sort of trouble or attention.

So in a way one can say that yes, he did somewhat father the children considering what he went through with them. At the very least he was a good friend to them.

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