The Apple MacBook Pro 2016 is now set to establish a good impact on the market with its very good quality and attractive features, considering that its predecessors have been known for the same.

According to MacRumors, Apple is expected to release a major update on its MacBook Pro line of notebooks as early as October. It appears though that both the 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro variants, including those with the Touch Bar, are nearly impossible to upgrade and have undersized batteries. All the new MacBooks will have non-removable SSDs. 

With that, it's clear to all users that there is no option to upgrade their new MacBooks. That will surely be a bane to many of those who have made their purchase without checking on their preferred specs.

Moreover, the battery life of the new MacBooks proved to be a great disappointment as well. Although Apple has announced that the battery life of MacBook Pro 2016 can last up to 10 hours with continued usage, the ultimate result after testing shows that the new laptop can only last up to a little over six hours on average.

As for users of Mac Book Pro fond of using functional keys, differences with the Touch Bar version may still render an upgrade, although such would take time. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that the MacBook is one Apple's most popular products, despite minimal changes in its aluminum body design.

Feedback from the customers, however, shows that the MacBook is not up to mark; complaints are coming in a few days after initial deliveries, and many have complained about ports - or lack thereof, on the new units.

Overall, customer reviews show that owners of the MacBook Pro 2016 may suffer from underperformance in the long run, what with its near-impossibility for upgrading