Being one of the most leading companies in the world, Apple is always looking to improve its offering, and as such a new patent fill in April came to light on October 13. This patent shows a wristband that translates gesture into commands, possibly for the iPhone 8 and Apple Watch 3.  

How does it work? The wristband detects and captures information about wrist movements and interprets them to control the external device. It has many sensors which can detect subtle changes in pressure and position of the wrist. 

The Apple Watch OS 3 was officially released on September 13, 2016, and iPhone 8 was officially released in September 2017, according to MacRumors.

For example, a force sensor may be used to determine the pressure when the force is applied on an object, and if the object is displaced by the user moves his/her hand. Since a gesture is nothing but a non-vocal or non-verbal communication with speech, expression, and movements of the hands, one can say that the Apple Watch OS 3 is totally based on that principle.   

It may be, in fact, just a stepping stone in the continued development of its products. The Apple iPhone 8 could see the display undergo its biggest changed yet, and it's confirmed by analyst Ming-chi Kuo and claiming that the display will be curved AMOLED display.

Apple is always innovating something new and for that reason, they are always ahead and now their new patent gesture control system to make sure that it's commercially viable to continue the development of its products.