The Sims 4 DLC: A Quick Guide on Apartment Features

The Sims 4: City Living DLC was very recently released by the Maxis. After years of waiting another installment, The Sims DLC was released. This time it features one living in a city. 

However, be warned as the Sims series have never been easy. The new DLC by The Sims encircles city living which focuses on apartments as well as some cultural festivals.

The reason why they are called Sims is because they abbreviate from the word "Simulator". A simulator takes from real life situations.

Therefore, it is highly probable that City Living will not be a walk in the park. According to iTech Post, it definitely is not! The apartments are main catch there, especially in uptown. The same goes in real life cities, uptown is an area where people of wealthier financial manner live. It features high class apartments and basically nothing there comes cheap.

If one is already familiar with previous Sims Installment, then they should be familiar with the world of San Myshuno. If they have climbed to the top of their career then they may be able to afford the housing done at uptown. 

Reason being that the cheapest possible apartment there comes at a price of $2,500. It is also important to note that all rents must be paid weekly. The deposits are humongous as well. 

The $2,500 unit is unavailable and occupied by the Lobo household and so the cheapest available unit is called the "1010 Alto Apartment" where rent is $3,500 weekly with a massive deposit of $15,500. 

The most expensive apartment is called the 888 Satire Apartments goes all the way up to $7,500 per week and a deposit of $37,500. If one wants to buy it then its almost $90,000 fully furnished. However it is the best and the view is amazing.

The new Sims 4 DLC also offers high class Fitness Gym access as well as classy lounges that are too good to pass from!

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