Egypt History Revealed: Ancient Mummified Legs Belong To Queen Nefertari

These ancient remains have been on display in the Italian museum for decades. But after thorough and extensive analysis and study, researchers concluded that the pair of 3,200-year-old limbs belongs to Queen Nefertari.

Queen Nefertari was one of the ancient Egypt's most famed beauties. She was the second wife of the great Pharaoh Ramses ll who ruled the ancient Egypt from 1279 BC to 1213 BC. Historical sources show that Queen Nefertari was highly educated and performed diplomatic duties as a queen.

According to the DailyMail, the mummified legs were discovered by an Italian archeologist and diplomat Ernesto Schiaparelli in 1904. The said disjointed, and mummified legs were unearthed together with the fragments of a pink granite sarcophagus which are believed to be a pair of Nefertari's sandals.

Scientists and researchers have been studying the mummified legs to identify the owner of it. Experts from the different parts of the world have run several tests that covers radiocarbon dating, paleopathology which a study of an ancient disease, genetics, Egyptology, and chemistry.

Most of the researchers' findings suggest the hypothesis that what have been discovered were the remains of Nefertari. On the other hand, the X-rays confirmed that the pair of human knees belongs to someone who is 40 years old which is the estimated age of the Queen when she died. Furthermore, there is a sample comparison that indicates that the remains were owned by a woman with 90% certitude.

According to the New Historian, the sandals which were unearthed together with the mummified legs appeared to be rich and royal objects which were a part of the Queen's burial. By analyzing the mitochondrial DNA and mummification methods and embalming materials used, researchers are convinced that the funeral was intended for people who were in the high-status in the 19th Dynasty.

'We are reasonably confident given all the evidence. It is also highly unlikely that another former royal was at some point put in this later tomb, which was made especially for Queen Nefertari," Dr. Stephen Buckley said.

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