‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7B Spoilers: EP Confirms Second Half To Have Bloodbath and Different Vibes [Video]

The Walking Dead Season 7 to have bloodbath and the remaining part will give out very different vibes.

There was a lot of buzz around The Walking Dead Season 7 before it premiered but as the show progressed into the current season, the ratings went down. The initial excitement could not sustain for long and now that the zombie series is on a hiatus, showrunner Scott Gimple has said that it will be different when it returns.

Scott Gimple has said that the second part of The Walking Dead Season 7 will have a very different vibe from the first part, reports Daily Express. He said that the ending is very different and even with the structure, what they are doing right now is very different from the back half. Notably, Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes on the show, had also said similar things when he promised supporters that they will feel the exact opposite when the show comes back next year.

According to Gimple, the second half has a lot more variety to the structure. He also warned that the finale of the midseason will set the tone for the next eight episodes. It is worth recalling here that the said finale saw the brutal deaths of Olivia and Spencer Monrow. The psychopath Negan killed them in his trademark savage style.

Gimple further elaborated and said that the midseason end of The Walking Dead Season 7 was very different from its beginning and that is the thing that kind of launches the different tone of the back eight episodes, reports Den of Geek. This is soothing to the ears as fans want the ultra violence and gore to take a backseat.

It has proved to be too much in Season 7. The premiere saw not one but two deaths and both Abraham and Glenn were beloved cast members. Two more lost their lives in the mid finale and it is definitely driving away fans. However, Gimple's words seem to exude hope and the good thing is that the last episode saw Rick realizing the need for a rebellion. Daryl is also free now and it looks like there are enough hints to boost the confidence of viewers.

The Walking Dead Season 7 returns on Feb. 12, 2017, on AMC in the US and on Feb. 13, 2017, on FOX UK in the UK.

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