‘Sister Wives’ Season 8 Episode 7 Review: Mariah Makes Shocking Revelation; Meri Gets Over Catfishing [VIDEO]

TLC's Monday episode of Sister Wives shed a good deal of light on the catfishing incident that Meri encountered when she was struggling with her single status. Also, it surprised viewers as Mariah made a shocking revelation.

Monday's episode of Sister Wives gave viewers more details about the plans of the family to approach the catfishing incident, reports Empty Lighthouse Magazine. It began with Meri talking about the incident and why it is important to not call herself a victim as she does not want to give the perpetrator that much power. She also revealed her plans to meet another woman who went through the same experience at the hands of the same culprit.

Notably, Cheryl and another woman had reached out to Meri when she was chatting with her catfisher. The former warned her and it was because of her help that Meri was able to figure out that she was being fooled. In the said episode of Sister Wives, Meri was seen discussing the nasty experience with Cheryl and it helps her to come to terms with the incident.

In the meantime, Mariah drops a bomb of sorts when she reveals that she is gay. On the other hand, preparations are in full swing as Mykelti is getting married. Everyone is helping out and the sister wives are a little shocked to know that Meri did not confide in them and felt so isolated.

As for Meri, she sets up a therapy session with a counselor who specializes in seeing patients who have been catfished. She talks at length about her circumstances when the incident happened.

She explains that she had gone through a legal divorce to restructure her family and later, it comes to light that Cheryl was also an empty nester when she fell for the catfisher. During the session, both bond over their shared pain and Kody realizes that Cheryl was a big support for her and that Meri benefitted from her Atlanta trip.

Both Kody and Meri also realize that the incident has helped to revive their relationship. They also feel that their plural marriage, at times, did not allow them to discuss the things that troubled their relationship.

Monday's Sister Wives episode 7 is a revelation in many ways.

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