‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Season 7 Second Part To Have Different Vibe; Five More Seasons Hinted By Robert Kirkman [VIDEO]

The Walking Dead is in its seventh season and it looks like the zombie series will have five more seasons before it comes to an end.

What is more, when The Walking Dead Season 7 returns with the second part in February, the vibe will be very different.

Creator Robert Kirkman has hinted at The Walking Dead getting ahead to five more seasons if the show goes on in the way he expects it to go, reports Digital Spy. Some time back, he had stated in one of his answers that it took them six seasons to get to episode 100 and as the comic may get to a 200 issue, fans may get to see six more seasons in the next six years.

However, critics cannot help but wonder if the interest of the viewers will remain intact till then. Twelve seasons is quite a long duration for any TV series and generally, viewers lose interest by the time a show reaches a double-digit mark in terms of seasons.

Notably, the AMC show is 50 issues behind the comic book and thus, fans can look forward to a lot happening in between. The comic book is currently on issue 162 and it will be printed tomorrow. When the Season 7 went on a break it was hovering around comic issue 111.

Speaking of The Walking Dead Season 7, it will return next month and when it does, it will have a very different vibe, reports Den of Greek. Showrunner Scott Gimple has said this very categorically and viewers also got a glimpse of the same in the midseason finale. It saw Rick and Daryl getting back into the action mode. In sharp contrast to the first part that focused on establishing the supremacy of Negan, the second part seems set to turn the tables in the favor of the Alexandrians.

This is also necessary as the Season 7 ratings have not been up to the mark. The savagery and killings did not go down well with the viewers and it led to a good deal of criticism. It was only in Episode 7 that things took a turn for the better and now it seems the positive reviews will continue.

The Walking Dead Season 7 returns to AMC on Feb. 12.

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