'Final Fantasy XV' Guide: How You Can Get The Best And Most Powerful Weapons [VIDEO]

You may be a fan of Final Fantasy XV, which is the newest title to Square Enix's well-known franchises. Every gamer might like different aspects of it. Yet, you know that what you share with all players is the need to reach out for the best weapons that are available.

Perhaps you do not really need this part of the game, which RPG Site explains is more for post-game content. They offer players an extra challenge. There are weapons in this that help out in regular gameplay and in post-game content.

The very powerful weapon that might be useful in Final Fantasy XV is the Noise Blaster. It is awesome, according to IGN

The weapon if discovered in Fort Vaullerey during 'Chapter 6: A Way Forward - All Set To Sail,' will get you about 153 points on attackm and 11 in spirit. You can find it if you catch hold of the enemy commander and look into the building to the left of a locked gate, towards which the commander is moving.

You can upgrade the item during Cid's Quest, "A Better Noise Blaster." You would have to give him the Megatron, found in Graela during Chapter 13. You will come across it in a locked room south of the third rest area.

However, players need to have security clearance. Once you find it, the Noise Blaster will offer 397 and 23 points for attack and spirit.

The Drill Breaker can be discovered within the Formouth Garrison. Be assured that the bosses are guarding the base in Northern Leide. Only if you somehow take care of them, you can reach the weapon on the upper right side.

That Drill Breaker gives you an added 181, 7 and 5 points to combat the attack of the wielder, HP and vitality. Once it gets upgraded through Cid's Quest, and gets known as "A Better Drill Breaker," it offers you 432, 12 and 13 more points in terms of the same statistics.

That upgrade will occur once the gamers are able to detect and offer Cid with the Magitek Core. It can be received when you defeat the MA-X Dux boss inside Formouth Garrison.

The Force Stealer, though, is a much more powerful weapon. You get it by trading in four Caem Carrots. It can be obtained through the Living Off the Land side quest once you reach the end of 'Chapter 8: Seaworth." Carrots need to be traded with Tony so that you get a chance at finding the weapon.

So, the Force Stealer is one of the toughest weapons that you can receive in Final Fantasy XV. At first, it gives a wielder 210, 202 and 6 additional points in attack, HP and magic respectively. After it gets upgraded, it offers Cid a Monster Claw in the quest. That can be obtained if the Bandersnatch is defeated. There will be 463, 308 and 11 boosts in the same stats.


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