Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Condemns Netflix’s ‘The Crown’: Royal Family Fears Secrets To Be Publicly Exposed


Queen Elizabeth has been reported to have condemned "The Crown," a show of Netflix. It has been speculated that she's not really happy with how things are portrayed in the story and besides, she is not a fan of series or nay sorts from Hollywood and entertainment.

A report from Celeb Dirty Laundry has claimed that the Queen is not actually a fan of the said series even if the focus is the royal family. According to the report, the Queen thinks that "The Crown" is somewhat insulting to the royal family. Besides, the Queen has a busy schedule ahead of her and that she will no longer have the time to watch the controversial series.

Even if there are good reviews for the show because of its great portrayal of the affairs of the royal family, still the Queen is not keen to devote some time just to watch it. It has been speculated also that Queen Elizabeth is not a fan of celebrities and Hollywood and that she is not a fame-seeking person.

However Robery Lacey, Royal Consultant for "The Crown" gave intriguing answers regarding if the Queen would watch the said hit series. This controversial show presents mostly of her life starting when she assumed the throne at a very young age and when she married Prince Philip. But the consultant went on saying that the reigning British Queen is not actually a seeker of fame and is not into this sort of thing as per Vanity Fair.

Meanwhile, as related to this issue, there are rumors escalating that the other members of the royal family are not actually pleased on how they are portrayed in the said show. This is for the reason why they fear that it will expose more of their secrets in public and if this is the case, they will be deeply humiliated.

If Queen Elizabeth condemns "The Crown" because of its insulting portrayal of the royal family, people can't blame her since she is the only person who knows the facts and the crucial things inside the Buckingham Palace.

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