She was portrayed on the television drama, The Crown, yet there is one person who is just not interested in watching Queen Elizabeth II's life - the royal matriarch herself!

Insiders are clear that Queen Elizabeth II is not interested in wasting the time in her schedule to watch Netflix's TV series. Sources explain that the Queen, like other royals, is not an attention-seeker. She has no aspirations to become a TV star, according to People magazine.

The Crown's royal consultant, Robery Lacey, admitted that it was the last thing she wanted to do - to watch herself on TV. Or even a younger, fictional character of herself. He said: "I am sure she would not watch it. The Queen is so hugely respected precisely because she is not a fame-chasing celebrity who would want to watch herself on the telly. But who knows?"

Hence, even though the movie is hitting the market, and is a big success for its portrayal of Queen Elizabeth's early days, yet, she does not show any interest. The TV series studies her life right from her wedding in 1947 upto today. The entire serial will stretch for 60 episodes, spanning more than six seasons.

So far, the Queen has been reported to be media shy, and never wanted her family to get featured on the small or the big screen. She is also the only person who would know the right facts about what goes on behind the façade of Buckingham Palace.

There have been no comments from the Palace about either the Queen's schedule or the TV series. Still, many insiders report that her personal assistants and handlers have already viewed the ten-part TV series, and it has got positive reviews from the inner circle.

The Crown won the coveted best TV drama award at the Golden Globes and Claire Foy won the Best TV actress award. But after Season 2, she will be replaced by another actress to play the older Queen, according to radiotimes.

Currently, The Crown Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.