ABC's political thriller drama, Scandal, is expected to return on the small screens this month, bringing with them new sets of episodes for the show's sixth season. Fans are more than excited and have been updating themselves with what to expect scenarios appearing on the internet.

It has been announced by the network last year that the series is renewed for season 6 and will start to air the upcoming episodes this year. Since the show's finale episode for the previous season, fans have been anticipating for the upcoming episodes, which could probably reveal more revelaions and answer some some left questions on season 5.

It has been widely speculated during the few months after the finale episode of the previous season was aired that the upcoming season 6 for Scandal is probably going to be influenced by the current political status of the United Stated, more specifically to the President-elect, Donald Trump.

However, according to a report from TV Guide, showrunner Shonda Rhimes had revealed that fans should not expect for the show to take a stance on what is going on with the country's political environment as of the moment. Although there are some flashbacks, it will not include the Clinton-Trump duel.

Moreover, it has been reported that the team finished shooting the election night story of its plot long before the US Election results involving Clinton and Trump was officially released. Aside from that, five of the first six seasons were reportedly written before Trump was elected as president.

Rhimes said that the upcoming season will be much different from the previous seasons that the series had. Other producers from the series have revealed that they found America's political status interesting but it will not be the same with the show.

Meanwhile, a report from TV Series Finale had suggested that the upcoming season could be the series' final season. As per the source, the network, ABC, has discussed about this possibility, but apparently nothing is sure at this point and fans just have to wait for future announcements.

Scandal Season 6 is set to air on January 26, 2017.