The CW's fantasy horror drama series, Supernatural, is returning on the small screens this year and the possible events that will occur on the remaining episodes for season 12 are what excite the loyal fans and followers of the series.

It has been announced last year that the episodes for the second part of the twelfth season will be aired starting this month. Considering that there were quite a number of scenarios that need some serious answers from the show, the midseason premiere will likely be watched with much anticipation and thrill.

Several speculations have appeared online regarding on the possible events that are going to happen, especially involving the main protagonists, the Winchester brothers, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki).

It can be recalled that during the midseason finale, the brothers were trapped in jail for having been wrongly accused of killing the President of the US. According to TV Line, the brothers' struggles in getting out of jail will be detailed on the premiere of Supernatural's second part of season 12.

As per the source, the scene will be fast-forwarded to six weeks after the arrest. Their sister, Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) and angel Castiel (Misha Collins) will still have no idea of how they can be able to free the brothers.

The show's executive producer, Andrew Dabb, revealed that the remaining episodes for this season will show how the brothers react on the tough situation that they are facing. He added that they will almost lose hope because the people will consequently think that they are really criminals.

But on the bright side, the showrunner mentioned that the main characters will have to do something that they don't normally do, which raise hoped for fans that Dean and Sam will likely survive another problem in their lives.

Additionally, it was also revealed in the official synopsis that the Winchester brothers will have to fight human beings this time, instead of the usual monsters. This will reportedly be one of the highlights that should be looked forward by the fans once the series returns.

Meanwhile, according to International Business Times, Supernatural was officially renewed for a brand new season, season 13, by The CW network. This is expected to happen by fans because the series is undeniably a hit one in the US and on another parts of the world.

Supernatural season 12 episode 9, with the title, "First Blood", is set to air on January 26, 2017.