Banda Namco Entertainment has yet to unveil any details for the second downloadable content (DLC) for their highly popular action role playing video game, "Dark Souls 3." However, this hasn't stopped fans from scouring the game's code in order to find clues about what will be coming with the unnamed DLC.

According to a report from Christian Post, a YouTube user named "Sanadsk" was apparently uncovered some very interesting clues in his data-mining efforts. The report reveals that the user was able to uncover several codes that referred to the phrase "Miyako No Mouja." Roughly translated, the phrase basically means, "Dead Capital" or "The City of the Dead". The user surmised that the phrase could very well be the title for the upcoming new "Dark Souls 3" DLC.

Another interesting reference that was found by the resourceful YouTube user was some code mentioning the land of "Londor". The specific area is known to be the hometown of Yoel and Yuria, two prominent characters within the franchise.

However, the area has yet to be fully explored by users and there is really not much that is known about it. According to Bitbag, the uncovered data may also indicate that Yoel and Yuria may be featured as central characters in the new storyline that will be included in the upcoming new DLC.

Aside from the name and the new area, several reports have also hinted of the possible inclusion of new weapons. Some of these possible new weapons include the Ceremonial Sword and the Dark Rift, both of which are somehow tied to the land of Londor. For now, majority of the claims still remain to be just speculation, but their inclusion in the game's code does support the rumors that they might very well be tied to the upcoming DLC.

The second DLC for "Dark Souls 3" was announced to be coming out something this year. However, there are still no details of its exact release date. The DLC will also be made available worldwide for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions.