Making A Murderer Season 2 air date hasn't been finalized as of the moment, but a lot of speculations about the show are surfacing all over the wire. Recent news suggests that Ken Kratz will be making his appearance and science might be able to prove Avery's innocence.

According to Yibada, some spoilers indicated that Making A Murderer Season 2 will show more evidence. This includes a possible connection of a Swedish scientist that would prove that the proofs against Steven Avery were planted.

It was noted that in October 2016, a new hope to free Avery arisen after a Swedish scientist named Kirsty Spalding communicated with Avery's lawyer Kathleen Zellner. Spalding also thought of the idea of using carbon dating method that could perhaps solve the case. She is still waiting for the court's decision, but this progress may be seen when Making A Murderer Season 2 returns.

Kirsty Spalding stated, "I don't really have an opinion of whether Steven Avery is innocent or guilty." She also added, "I have more of an opinion of whether I think there's been planted evidence or not and ultimately that's all this analysis will tell us is whether or not this evidence is planted."

Based on previous reports, Zellner and Spalding have been contacting each other since then. So if Spalding would be allowed to use the scientific technique by the court, authorities would knowledgeable whether the blood stains found in Teresa Halbach's car were planted or not in 2005.

Furthermore, MobiPicker has noted that in August that a judge had ordered his release, mentioning that he was deceived by investigators into admitting that he helped his uncle in Halbach's case. Making A Murderer Season 2 will feature a mock trial, where the actors will try to reconstruct the actual scenes in the courtroom. With this, upcoming episodes seem to feature the return of Prosecutor Ken Kratz, who appears to be interested in the outcome of events ever since Making A Murderer was released.

These pieces of new advances are something that viewers should watch out in Making A Murderer Season 2. Nevertheless, the television show's patrons will have to wait until Netflix confirmed its air date.