BBC One's crime drama, Sherlock, has once again gave fans a mind-blowing taste of television drama, through airing its third and last episode for the fourth season, entitled "The Final Problem."

The season finale aired on January15, and fans are already expressing their thoughts on how and what they felt about the episode. According to Entertainment Weekly, the greatest cliffhanger revelation scenario has been the talk online since the series ended its fourth season.

The ninety-minute long episode mainly composed of love, memories and trauma. It showcased the true nature of the main character, Sherlock's emotional core and how he turned into the man that he is on the show. Showrunners, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss felt the need to show the fans the truth behind Sherlock's childhood which involved scenarios that has already been given the fans a glimpse on the past.

Because of that much talked-about season finale, fans and viewers have been indiscreetly expressing on social media about the need for the network to extend the series for a few more seasons. Even though this season only composed of three episodes, it was understandable for them because of a movie-length episodes the show has been giving.

However, according to Digital Spy, there has been no updates yet on when or whether a fifth season will be commissioned. There are rumors circulating online that the fourth might be the show's last season but other reports are also saying that the series is not yet over.

Furthermore, actor Benedict Cumberbatch, the main star on the series, had reportedly said that Sherlock season 4 will be 'the last one for now', which confused many fans on whether the actor might or might not reprise his role anymore.

It has been reported that Cumberbatch is booked up with many other projects including ones on the big screen. Being an Oscar nominee and an actor tied up with Marvel, he might be too busy to do Sherlock just yet.

However, the producers of the series made sure that the actor will still be the one to play the lead role when they decide to push for a few more seasons. According to them, Cumberbatch is the only actor that fits the high-functioning sociopath character, who is Sherlock.