Despite some other court wins that seemed like they could be taking their case to the Supreme Court and potentially legalize polygamy in Utah, the Brown family from Sister Wives suffered a blow to their plans after it was revealed that their case would not be taken to that level.

According to reports, the Supreme Court has rejected a petition the family filed asking for them to review its case for plural marriage to one another, maintaining Utah's standing polygamy law.

Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn (the only wife Kody is married to legally), had initially submitted the request after an appeals court in Utah overturned a ruling that said they could cohabitate under state law. The decision to overturn the ruling was what led to the family filing their request.  

"Utah is a state that was founded by courageous citizens seeking these very protections from government abuse and religious inequality," the family's attorney said in a statement. "This lawsuit is true to the original dream of those seeking freedom in Utah."

The family's case initially stems back to 2012, after they were forced to flee the state of Utah when police began an investigation into their living situation when they were first featured on their TLC reality show. The investigation played heavily into the show's second season storyline, and featured the family's ultimate move to Las Vegas, Nevada to escape persecution. They have lived in the city in a cul-de-sac consisting of four separate homes for each wife and their children, with Kody splitting time between them, ever since.

When they initially filed their suit, Kody was also still legally married to Meri, his first wife, whom he divorced two years ago so he could legally marry Robyn and adopt her children from her first marriage.