The Dance Moms Season 7 is predicted to be the last installment of the TV series as Abbi Lee Miller is in prison. But then, this scenario might indicate that Chloe Lukasiak will return to the show permanently.

According to International Business Times, the network recently launched a super sneak peek for the current season, showing the Dance Moms alum's arrival to her team and the drama that shadows. The finale part of the promotional video indicated that Chloe, 15 and Christi surprising Abby Lee Miller's leading junior team offstage during the competition.

"Who missed me?" Chloe asks and she walks through the door. "I've been thinking about competing again," she added

Although Chloe's previous teammates are overwhelmed with her appearance, Abby, on the other hand, is less than excited by the mother-daughter tandem's arrival. "Fire me!" she shouts repetitively as Christi, who has issues with Abby for so long, looks up in shock.

Aside from that, Mobile & Apps stated that Chloe Lukasiak's return to the show also made the Dance Moms Season 7's fans wonder whether Maddie Ziegler will be returning to protect the show from cancellation.

Additionally, Chief Judge Joy Flowers Conti decided to punish Miller to two and half years behind the bars for over 20 counts of fraud. Also, it has been found that the Dance Moms host may have purposely hide the details of her income from the Lifetime dance competition.

Abby Lee Miller will be appearing in the second hearing that is slated on February 24 and it is anticipated that her legal representative will make a case for probation. Nevertheless, it still remains to be seen whether the judge will be delivering the decision during the second hearing or not.

The Dance Mom Season 7 airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime. Stay tuned at the show to confirm if Chloe Lukasiak is back permanently or Maddie Ziegler will return to the TV series.