She wasn't a part of the most recent season of Return To Amish due to legal troubles, but now that she is out of jail and trying to restart her life, Chapel Peace Schmucker has confirmed she will no longer be a part of the TLC reality series.

According to Starcasm, Chapel was released from prison back in December, and in a series of posts on her Facebook page, she has remained committed to staying sober and clean and starting her life over again. And according to the site, she has also confirmed that despite initially seeking a divorce from Andrew Schmucker, the two are still married (though it is unclear if they are together).

The two even posed together for a photo which Chapel shared on her Facebook page on January 15, which she captioned "Saw this guy today."

However, more telling is an exchange she reportedly had with a fan on her page, which Starcasm claimed saw her confirming that she and Andrew would not be a part of the show if it were to return for another season.

"I couldn't tell you... Andrew and I are not," she reportedly said when asked if the show would come back.

Neither Chapel or Andrew were heavily featured in seasons 2 or 3 of the show, with Andrew being arrested while season 2 was filming, and Chapel also being arrested prior to season 3. Andrew was featured in one episode of the third season when Abe and Mary went to visit him at a rehabilitation facility, but the reunion did not go well when he claimed to want to try and make things work with Chapel.

TLC has not explicitly confirmed if a fourth season of the show would be aired, or if they are even filming one, after the last season saw tensions, particularly with Kate, who came out and accused producers of scripting the show early on in the season and bullying the cast into saying certain things during confessionals.