CBS network's hit television sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, or TBBT, is still in doubt of pursuing for more seasons, as per multiple sources. The show is presently on its tenth season but viewers and fans are still not guaranteed for a renewal.

Just recently, one of the show's main cast, Johnny Galecki, who portrays experimental physicist Leonard Hofstadter, had shared the the cast members themselves are unsure about the future of the sitcom. However, he said in an interview that he is still confident that they will still be up on the small screens for a few more seasons with the network.

According to a report from Entertainment Weekly, Galecki has revealed that the cast and crew have talked about the future of the series and how they like to have another extensions and renewals. Even though until now, no contract has been handed to them, the actors are reportedly sure that the writers don't want the sitcom to end now.

"We're talking about the show's future right now, and it seems that the writers are much confident that they can write some more this year and after this year," the actor shares. He added that the confidence the writers have shown them only proves that The Big Bang Theory is still very much alive.

Aside from this, CBS chief Glenn Geller also mentioned that they will keep on putting on the show on the air as long as the fans and viewers will remain as loyal as they have been for the past seasons.

Meanwhile, in a report from Metro UK, actor Jim Parsons, the sitcom's theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper, talked about his excitement over the upcoming spin-off of the show which will feature his character. It was previously reported that a discussion about the spin-off is ongoing and during an interview, Parsons shared his thoughts about how the spin-off will be.

'I'm really excited about it. I think it will be a very different than Big Bang, but in a good way", he said on Entertainment Tonight. He also added that they have thought of the spin-off as a very good way to let the fans know the origin story of the different characters they have built for the past years.

Parsons is set to be the executive producer of the said series spin-off and currently, they are looking for someone who will portray the teenage version of his character.