Over the years, anime fans probably have come up with a pretty long list of over-powered heroes who either choose to save or destroy their worlds. From Son Goku to Black Beard, the medium is full with deucedly strong characters who get their kicks from fighting to their heart's content.

Naturally, fans have taken the time to debate which of these heroes may appear on top of the list if they were to fight one against another. So, the Internet has become a battleground for fans waged about Saitama's strength and Captain Luffy's stamina.

But now, one fearless YouTube channel was doing what most fans have only dreamt of doing. Thanks to MaStar Media, people now can watch one awesome fan video of heroes from Bleach, Dragon Ball Z and more fight each other.

The video's description:

The continuation of Goku vs Saitama is now called Anime War. When Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta fought a Kaioken x100 Final Kamehameha versus Black Goku's Universe Destroyer, it cracked rifts in the space-time continuum. After that, Super Saiyan White Omni-God Goku's Dragon Fist has met Saitama's Big Bang Punch, tearing open the cracks into other dimensions all over the Anime Universes.

Then, One Punch Man and Dragon Ball Super meet Ichigo, Naruto, Natsu, and Luffy so they can save the multiverse from the Evil Gods. Beerus has just arrived to save the day, but...?

The project, titled Episode 1 - Rise of the Evil Gods is an on-going one which will feature heroes like Naruto, Future Trunks, Natsu, and some more fight against a legion of anime enemies. When a battle between Gogeta and Goku Black from Dragon Ball Super open up a dimensional rift, the anime worlds meet head-on as fighters like Sasuke prepare to save their own homes from complete destruction.

This over 20-minute fan-video is nothing less of impressive. Even though the animation quality is not up to par with professional anime studios, MaStar Media created this new video in less than one month. The team sourced original voices to pad out this video's dialogue, and a slew of fan animators pitched in to get the project done.

So, if fans have ever wanted to see if Goku could beat One-Punch man, they may have to wait a bit longer to find out. However, if they want to see the two anime gods fight side to side against some nasty villains, then they can feast their eyes on this truly epic animation.