Dragon Ball Super News: Episode 77 Synopsis Teases New Saga's Explosive Beginning

Dragon Ball Super will be brought to new heights (by Toei Animation) in next few days thanks to its upcoming 'Universal Survival' saga. As the anime ended its explosive 'Future Trunks' arc, fans were curious about how the shonen series would step up its game.

So, the people behind Dragon Ball Super have decided that a life-or-death martial arts tournament was the way to go. However, instead of just one life being at risk, warriors will find themselves fighting in order to protect their universes.

Naturally, Goku is the one behind the whole ordeal. Thanks to a new synopsis for Dragon Ball Super's 77th episode, fans can have a peek and find out how the 'Universal Survival' arc begins - and it all gets started because of the clueless Saiyan.

The episode's synopsis

Goku trains with Whis so he can be back in shape and remembers that the Omni-King said he'd hold a martial arts tournament involving every universe. He immediately uses the button he got from Omni-King to go discuss it with him.

The Universe's Greatest Martial Arts Tournament is about to begin. Goku's totally unafraid of Omni-King, and that makes Beerus and co. biting their fingernails.

Beerus, Clearly, and Whis know something that Goku doesn't when it comes to Zen-Oh. Even though Goku knows all about Omni-King's limitless powers thanks to his participation in the 'Future Trunks' saga, very few things can shake the hero from his goals when fighting is involved.

Dragon Ball Super story arc is set to start with the 'Universal Survival' saga next month. The Omni-Kings' "Tournament of Power" martial arts tournament between universes now starts, at Goku's request. However, this also turns out to be the beginning of universal destruction.

What the victors of this tournament can expect? And what about the defeated? How will these intense team fights between the elites of each universe end?

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