"Days of Our Lives" spoilers for Feb. 3 will get the audience on the edge of their seats as intense confrontations happened simultaneously. The week started with a face-off between Chloe and Nicole as the latter aims to get her baby back from the former.

Chloe and Nicole

Soap Hub notes that it will not be easy for Nicole as Chloe will not allow it and continue to turn down the bid to hand over Holly. Instead, Chloe will start to care for the baby like she is her own child, as she feels that she is only doing what is best for her. 

The upcoming "Days of Our Lives" episode will show that Maggie will console Nicole and give her encouragement as she is having a hard time with the custody battle. She will make Nicole feel that she is not alone, that she is there with her in the fight.

Dario and Deimos

Dario previously hired a hitman to kill Deimos but it will not successful. Deimos will strike back at Dario and he is determined to put him in his place. The former will order his men to pay Dario a visit at the Club TBD and when they showed up, Dario will realize that there is no escape.

In the end, Dario will be beaten hard by Deimo's goons but he will survive the attack. Although he made it alive, he will totally be in bad shape.

Chad, Gabi and Abby

Finally, there is a character that is making a comeback after almost thirty years of absence. The next telecast of "Days Of Our Lives" hints that while at the docks, Jennifer runs into someone familiar and it seems she was seeing Drew, Shane's twin brother who was last seen in DOOL in 1988. According to She Knows, he is back to help Jennifer end the family feud in Salem and destroy the Orwell device. 

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers further teased that after Deimos took Chad and Gabi hostage, and it seems that Chad is coming to realize that he wants Gabi back and he is willing to do everything to make it happen. However, there is Abby, and what will happen to this love triangle is yet to be revealed.