The Nintendo Switch is considered to be one of the most interesting consoles to be released. The slim, black device, which is so often compared to a shape of a dog's face with droopy ears, can work both as a game console and a portable gaming gadget.

The droopy ears features of the Nintendo Switch are actually the Joy-Con controllers, which can be used as a classic dual-analogue stick. According to The Guardian, there's more to the Joy-Con controllers as they can be unclipped from the device and transferred to the 6in touchscreen, prompting a seamless transfer that puts the word portable in the best light.

While the Nintendo Switch seems to have a unique physical appearance, some individuals noticed some similarities between the Switch and Wii U. In fact, the Nintendo Switch looks like an updated version of the Wii U's console controller except for the fact that the machine is already built inside the slim form.

However, Shinya Takahashi, director and general manager of Nintendo's entertainment division, has put all the Wii U and Nintendo Switch similarity issues to rest as he claims that the former is not really patterned on the 2012 console. "I think it's the product of us applying all the knowledge that we've built up over the years of designing hardware systems, and putting that into one device," Shinya Takahashi said.

Takahashi nevertheless admitted that there may be some features in the Nintendo Switch that they specifically designed to make up for what was missing in their previous consoles. "Certainly as a facet of that, we did look at some of the areas where people were, maybe, not fully satisfied with the Wii U hardware."

With the existence of Nintendo Switch, Takahashi clarified that the 3DS will not be replaced anytime soon. In fact, Nintendo will reportedly be releasing new software next year. Meanwhile, gamers will have a lot more to expect from Nintendo as Time reports that the company is also interested in different kinds of sensors so there will be a possibility that robots and AI will be involved in the future.